Patch 1.0.1 in review

Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet IconHello!
We have just uploaded the patch 1.0.1 for Dark Heresy: DCS to Apple and are now waiting for their review. For everyone who is not an app developer and does not know how Apple’s App Store works:
First, we create the app or the patch on our development machines. Then we upload the final version to Apple. After that, we wait for Apple to review and check the new version for errors which might affect the customers iPhone or iPad in a bad way. This usually takes a few days (if you want detailed times, check this site: After the review is done and approved, we can put the new version on the store.
The Google Play Store (for our Android App) works quite similar, but is a lot faster because they don’t test every little piece of the app. Therefore, once the app is approved by Apple, we upload the new version to Android and they are going live roughly on the same time.

For the 1.0.1 version, we have done some serious architectural changes in the app itself. We hope that does not break anyone’s app, but we encourage you to make screenshots of your data before updating. In the new update, we added a backup/export/import system for characters, which is really easy and awesome. You can now export your characters as a file and store it save on your pc’s hard drive. If your Tablet or Phone breaks or (which we hope does not happen) we crash the app with a bug, just download a fresh version from the app store and import your characters from file.

There are other major improvements in the new patch, but I will post a separate patch notes blogpost for this.

If you have any feedback, questions, ideas for improvement or just want to chat about the app or Dark Heresy, just mail us 🙂

Have a nice day!

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