Update 1.2.0 “Elite Psyker” released


Today, we have released the new free content update for the Dark Heresy Digital Character Sheet App called “Elite Psyker“. In this update, we concentrated on improving the Psychic Powers section and adding one of the most asked for features: Elite Advances.

Changes in this version:

  • added Elite Advances
  • changed Psychic Powers UI
  • added Psychic Powers database
  • added Elite Advances talents database
  • changed Psy Rating UI
  • added Ammo database with intelligent ammo detection
  • Responsive UI changes for all interactive elements
  • added page numbers to all database items and talents for easy book lookup
  • changed talents and items where necessary
  • bugfixes 

    — Details — 

Elite Advances are an integral part of your character, and now you find this part represented in the app. Click on one of the four available Elite Advances located in the Character tab. This will open a popup where you can check the prerequisites, the changes to your character and unlock them. Caution: Elite Advances are non-reversible changes in the app. Once you’ve unlocked an advance, you cannot delete it. If you are unsure, please make a backup or a copy of your character first.
Once you’ve unlocked an advance, you can purchase your Elite Advances new talents in the talents section. The search function for talents has been extended to filter for Elite Advance talents.

In the past, we showed not much love for the Psyker, who had only a very basic input area for his or her powers. Now, the Psychic Powers UI has been completely overhauled (the update is backwards compatible, you should not lose anything you’ve already added) and improved. Psy Rating now calculates the EXP needed for advancing and give the option to add it to the experience sheet.
The Psychic Powers popup has grown. We’ve added all Psychic Powers into the in-app database, which lets you find powers by touching the search button.
The Psychic Powers UI is also very intelligent. If you use the data from the databse or format your input the same way, it will calculate some values automatically and present it in a cleaner way in the display view. Also, if you set the Discipline Tree, the name of the power will glow in the color of the tree.

If you’ve played with the inventory system, you might have noticed that the ammo database was not available. Now, this has been changed. We’ve added all special ammo to the app, available through the search function in the ammo details. And because ammo is a special case of gear, some functionality has been added. If you search for ammo, the app will look at your current ranged weapons and give you all available special ammo for each weapon as a selection.

Until now, the responsiveness of the app was not that great. Often times, you touched an element and didn’t know if you’ve selected the right one, or if the app registered your touch action at all. With the new update, every UI element has a “touched” state, which indicates that you touched this element. This provides a much better feedback and helps with the app handling.

The last addition for this patch are page numbers for all elements in the database. If you want to know more about any item or talent, there is a page number (and the name of the book where it is written) in the item’s description.

— How to Install —

The new update will be automatically downloaded to your app if your device is connected to the internet (download size 10mb). You don‘t have to wait for the update to go live on the app stores. Once the download is complete, the app will restart and you should see the new additions immediately. If you want to be sure, check the version at the bottom of the overview tab, it should read version 1.2.0.

— What‘s next —

We are already working on the next content update. I should not tell you this, because it is top secret, but I just have to! This is really exciting because we … SHHHH.. to … XSCS*J@ … huge upd..KRRRR… Inquisiton… RKRKRKR… BLOG: 26-07-15… SXRCCRR… … … … … END OF TRANSMISSION

— Feedback —

If you are experiencing any problems with the new content update, found a bug, have an idea for a new feature or just want to talk about the app, just write us an email, comment and like us on facebook and follow @dievo on twitter :p And of course don‘t forget to check or company blog at http://blog.dizlabs.com for news, updates and stories about the ongoing development of the Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet App.

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