Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet 2nd Edition – Update released!

With a slight delay of five months, we finally managed to release the new “Enemies Without” Update for the 2nd Edition of our Dark Heresy Digital Character Sheet App!

New in this update:

  • added Enemies Without Supplement Content (Homeworlds, Backgrounds, Roles, Gear and more)
  • added unnatural characteristics options
  • added auto updater activation switch and deactivated automatic updates
  • changed ammunition feature and added standard ammunition
  • bugfixes

Enemies Without Supplement

The Enemies Without Supplement Content will be available as an in app purchase (IAP) for 2 Euro or your regional equivalent. Please read our blogpost on the IAP decision here: http://blog.dizelabs.com/2016/03/22/in-app-purchase-and-supplements/. Any feedback on this topic is as always appreciated 🙂

Auto Updater

After receiving some feedback from users reporting of high traffic usage of the app, we decided to deactivate the auto updater feature. In previous versions, whenever we pushed a hotfix or update to the server, the app would download the update and apply it automatically. With the 1.4 version, we changed this behaviour. The app won’t download updates automatically anymore, but you can enable the feature by checking the “activate auto update” checkbox at the bottom of the overview tab. Updates you get from the app store are still working like they used to.

Future release plans

The Enemies Beyond Update is already in a widely advanced state and will be finished in a few weeks. After that, we will return to the 1st Edition app and the supplements for that before hopefully adding new digital character sheet apps for more roleplay systems.