Developer Diary #1

Hey everyone,

we are currently working on the Dark Heresy first edition version of the digital character sheet app. This is always a time where we can’t show much or post a lot of update, so we thought we can at least provide you with a weekly developer diary.

The last week, we finished the first edition character creator and started working on a brand new huge component for the new app called “path planner”. This module allows you to select which advances and ranks you want to take, and plan your character in great detail, so you don’t have to think about your advances each week. We think it is a great addition and considering DH1 has more than seven supplements with alternate ranks and classes, having it all in one place is just awesome!

This week, we will finish the path planner feature, add the new design and hopefully complete the database. As usual, it always takes longer than expected, but we are making progress and you should be able to create your characters for DH1 in November.

Also, if we find the time, we will try to launch the DH2 app for windows phones this week. This won’t be a windows (pc) program, because this is something we want to have time for and build from scratch with another engine, more features and a better UI, but it will be the same app that iOS and Android users are loving since the launch in May 🙂

If you’ve got any questions about the apps, got a feature idea or find a bug, just send us an e-mail.

Have a nice day!