The End

Hello everyone,
unfortunately I don’t have good news today. On August 16th, we’ve officially closed down our company, DIZELABS GbR. Sorry for the delay of this message, but we weren’t allowed to post this until everything is final. There will be no new version of the character sheet apps. The current versions are already not available on the store anymore.

In the end, it is all about the money. The apps were simply not profitable enough to work full time on them, and it would have taken a huge investment of time and money to redesign and expand the apps. We had to supplement the app development by taking other contract work, which made the development cycle of the apps even slower. After long discussions, we eventually decided to close the company and try out luck in other adventures. While Daniel will pursue a career in the movie industry, Thomas will continue to work as a self employed game and mobile developer. Of course, if you have an interesting open position in your company, feel free to send us a message.

And now?
As I’ve mentioned before, the apps are not in the stores anymore. If you have the app installed on your device, you can still use it. Just don’t uninstall it. The multiplayer server for the 2nd edition app will remain online until the end of October. There will be no more official customer support for the apps, but if you have a problem, the support mail address will be kept alive for a while.

We want to thank everyone of you who made this journey possible. Don’t be sad, have a nice day!

Thomas and Daniel DIZELABS

  • Mickey Mulligan

    Is there any chance of us procuring copies of the 1/2 app if we get new phones? I bought them and don’t like the idea of losing them if I upgrade or change phones. Or should I create a image file as a backup? Sorry to hear about the closing guys, if its any consolation, me and my group think its the best RPG app we have ever used and I would gladly pay for more of the same.

    • Pete Rickenbacker

      I personally wanted to thank you guys for what I agree to be the best electronic character sheet out there. Just found this out today when some of my gaming group tried to reinstall their copies and couldn’t find it. Luckily I never uninstalled it from my devices but it’s a real shame we won’t be able to use it in the upcoming campaign.

      You made something beautiful that exceeded expectations by a huge amount, and we wish you every success in your future endeavours. You deserve it.

  • Jack Nichollas

    Hi guys! Has there been any thought to putting the IPA up for download? There’s still plenty of copies of the APK available online, mostly from dodgy Russian websites. Thanks for everything you’ve done!

  • Daniel Parra

    damn i just read this, im really sorry that it didnt work out guys, i really liked the digital character sheet you made. I would be really greatefull if you could at least share an apk with the supplements activated for the people who supported you, i manage to get my game like an apk but, i cant get the supplements you must buy inside the app.

    • Pete Rickenbacker

      Agreed, and I’ll even wave some money in the air to make it happen if it helps the chances. 😀