Dark Heresy Digital Character Sheet 2nd Edition 1.4.8 released!

It’s done!

We’ve just released the new 1.4.8 update. This one has lots of new features and also includes the “Enemies Beyond” supplement.

We hope there isn’t an accidental app reset again, like there was unfortunately in the last major release. Our first priority is to keep your characters save, and we are trying everything to make this possible.

Changes in 1.4.8:
– added “Enemies Beyond” content
– added autosave function, characters are now saved in an extra file on disk
– added damage dice rolls, touch the damage number in the gear or combat tab to roll the dice
– added character sharing between devices
– added filters in psi database view
– changed inventory system
– changed „search“-buttons, they are now called „Database“
– bugfixes

Here is a short description of the new features:

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Rescuebot – Ludum Dare #35 Game

Every four months there is a special weekend. On this weekend all clocks are off and instead of regenerating your batteries, you work your butt off to create a game in just 48 hours! That event is called Ludum Dare, and it is a game programming competition. There is no prize to win, it’s just pure for the fun and for challenging yourself.


Play Rescuebot

You can play Rescuebot in your browser! Just go to http://dizelabs.com/ld35 and you’ll see the WebGL version. However, there is a small drawback. The WebGL version has a bug in the UI, the indicator graphics are distorted and the game itself does not run at a good framerate all the time.  If you want the Unity version for windows, click here to go to the project page on Ludum Dare and scroll down to the download links.

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