New office, new server host

Hey everyone,

our new office is finally finished and this is the first post I write from my new desk. Technically, it is the old desk in the new office, but that does not count, does it? After weeks of grouting, wallpapering and painting, we’re done!

Also, you might have noticed the lack of being able to backup your characters in the cloud and the multiplayer being offline. I tried to move the server in time, but it just did not work out, so we have a server downtime at the moment (see the last post why we have to move servers). I’m currently in the middle of setting up the new server and if everything works out, it will be online today, but it might take a couple of days. Our main problem is that due to the updates to meteor (the base of the app), we need to test the app on all mobile devices again before being able to activate the new server. This is because once you connect to the new server, it will push the new meteor version to your device, which might break some things.

Thanks and have a nice day!


New Website and Forum online

Hey everyone,

you may have already noticed a change if you opened this blog via our website. If not, go to immediately! I’ll wait with writing until you saw the new page and returned 🙂

I hope you like the new lean approach. The website is now fully responsive and should work on all devices. Also, it is faster and easier to maintain. I’ll have to add some additional features like SEO optimization, being able to use the return button and bookmark subpages, but overall it works.

Also, with this website redesign we also opened a brand new community forum, which is available here: If you like to talk about our apps, get support and tipps from other users or want to find a group to play together, our new forum is the place to be. As with every new forum, it is empty right now, but we hope it does not stay that way.

The new bugfix update for the DH1 and DH2 apps is in the works and I hope to push it to our servers as an easter present.

Which brings me to the last subject for today’s blogpost: Unfortunately, our server host is shutting down at the end of April. This means we will have to migrate to another host. If everything works, you may not even notice it, but maybe the multiplayer servers will be down for a few days.

And now, to the new forum and have a nice day!



Hey everyone.

You might have noticed that we were very silent during the last months. This will change now. Starting today, I (Thomas) am back working full time on the Warhammer40k Digital Character Sheet Apps. I will tell you about the past months and our plans for the future in a few days in a detailed blogpost.

I will start with bugfixing and updating the current versions of our Dark Heresy Digital Character Sheets. So if you have had any problems or found any bugs, please report them to I will also update the systems and the framework as well as our servers. There will also be a redesign of our website, including a message board.

Thank you for your support, and have a nice day!


PS: In case you are wondering what happens with our Urban Explorer Golf Game, it is not dead yet, but we will focus on the Digital Character Sheets for now.

Rescuebot – Ludum Dare #35 Game

Every four months there is a special weekend. On this weekend all clocks are off and instead of regenerating your batteries, you work your butt off to create a game in just 48 hours! That event is called Ludum Dare, and it is a game programming competition. There is no prize to win, it’s just pure for the fun and for challenging yourself.


Play Rescuebot

You can play Rescuebot in your browser! Just go to and you’ll see the WebGL version. However, there is a small drawback. The WebGL version has a bug in the UI, the indicator graphics are distorted and the game itself does not run at a good framerate all the time.  If you want the Unity version for windows, click here to go to the project page on Ludum Dare and scroll down to the download links.

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DHDCS version 1.0.1 released!

dhdcs iconHello everyone!

The version 1.0.1 of the Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet App has just been released.


How to update:

Updating the app is really easy. Just open your 1.0.0 app and connect the device to the internet. Wait a few minutes, then close and restart the app. You should now have the 1.0.1 version installed. Important: After installing the update, please backup your characters with the backup/load button in the character selection. If the app crashes for any reason, you will be able to download the characters to your computer’s hard drive, reinstall the app and restore your characters.

App Store Updates:

The Update is also available from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You might however see the old version after updating the app. This is not a bug, the new version will be installed in the background when the app is running (please connect the mobile device to the internet). If you just purchased the app and download for the first time, it won’t be necessary to connect to the internet to get the newest version.

Why is this so complicated?

We have changed the update procedure to push new updates and bugfixes to your devices as soon as WE think the update is ready and not have to wait several days for Apple and Google to review the updates.
We will release a new update every week and every three weeks, we will upload a new version to the app stores.

Changelog version 1.0.1

  • NEW: “Enemies Within” Character Creation options added
  • NEW: Export/import/backup your characters. Also trade them with your friends
  • NEW: New Update system for faster and easier app updates
  • bugfix: fixed wrong talent in Adeptus Administorum background
  • bugfix: changed STR to S in characteristics overview
  • bugfix: fixed iphone6 splash screen and icons
  • bugfix: fixed endless loading screen crash
  • bugfix: fixed character creation horizontal scrolling
  • bugfix: Character Creation white bar on Android devices
  • bugfix: added navigate and operate to skills on Character Creation

If you have problems with the new version, found a bug or want to send us feedback and feature requests, just mail us. You find the mail addresses on our website at


DHDCS: Patch 1.0.1 Progress

Good news everyone! We are making progress with the new Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet patch and will include a really nice function, which allows us to push updates onto your devices without having to wait several days on the apple approval queue. We will be able to hotfix bugs in minutes after the report comes in.
I’m really excited about that, as it will improve the whole development process. Every few weeks, we will bundle up all the changes and also release them as a patch on the stores.

Dark Heresy Character App Launch today!

Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet IconToday is the big day we worked so hard for over the last year. Our Warhammer 40k App, the “Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet” is NOW available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. If you have any questions, send us a mail or get in touch via twitter. Also, if you need a review copy, please send a mail to Thomas, and we will provide you with one.