Help me to finish Urban Explorer Golf and you’ll get a free version right now!

Yes, the title is click bait, I know. But on the other hand, it is true! I’m offering my new game Urban Explorer Golf for free right now on ( This is the current alpha with all the content there is right now. All I ask in exchange is for you to give feedback! Mail, Twitter, Blog Comments, or the discussion board at the end of the game page, use whatever you like.

I could not work in the last two months due to serious health problems in the family, everything stand still as other things were more important. I hope the worst is now behind us, and it is time to move forward. Of course, right before I had to take this unplanned absence, our try to get the game greenlit on steam was a big failure, and I’m still not sure why that happened. But I’m determined to improve the game over the course of the next weeks with your feedback, and I’m confident that this time it will be a success. It is a good game, and it is fun, but there seems to be something missing which I cannot find.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day!