Dark Heresy Digital Character Sheet 1.3.1 released

And here is the inevitable bugfix release. But this time, we’ve even added new features!

Changes in this version:

  • fixed: Player Name missing in PDF export
  • fixed: Non-default skill names break PDF export
  • fixed: Elite Advances shown as [object] in PDF
  • fixed: Mementos missing in PDF export
  • fixed: XP calculation wrong in PDF export
  • fixed: NaN shown in modifiers on first combat action with character
  • changed: new waiting-popup while pdf is being created
  • added: Damage Dice Rolls in Multiplayer Chat

Damage Dice Rolls:
Just type “1d10” to throw a D10 and get the result. This works like the other dice rolls, just without the target value.

Non-default skill names in PDF:
The skill names in the DH2 (Paper) Sheet Template are quite “hard-coded”, which means you cannot add your own skills in the template except for Lores and Trades. In the 1.3.x version, we try to stick to the original template wherever possible, which unfortunately removes the ability to add custom skills in the pdf export (they are of course shown in the app itself). In the 1.3.0 version, custom skill names broke the pdf export, which has been fixed in 1.3.1. We might change the skill creation in the future to allow the export of all skills, but for now, if you want to be on the save side, use the search function to add new skills. These skills will have the right name format to be displayed in the PDF. Perhaps an example is easier to understand: If you name your Skill “FL: Underworld”, it won’t be shown on the PDF export, because the app does not know what FL stands for. If you stick to our naming conventions and name the skill “Forbidden Lore (Underworld)” or “Forbidden Lore: Underworld “, it will be shown at the right spot in the PDF.