Developer Diary #2

Hello everyone!

We started the weekly developer diary last week and we are going to continue this week (what a surprise!).


We are still working on the new DH1 app. I’ll post a screenshot of the new design later this week. The new design features a complete rewrite of the navigation, which got changed to a sliding sidebar instead of the top navigation of the DH2 tablet app. We also tried to adapt the book design where it was suitable and I think it looks really cool 🙂 There are still some things to add and colors to change, that’s why we don’t want to show a screenshot just yet.


We are also very happy to announce the 1000th sale of the DH2 app! Thanks for your support! This is a great success for a new company like us and we will continue to provide you with the best digital character sheet apps 🙂


With the release of the new “Enemies Without” supplement, we are getting a lot of questions from you asking if and when the supplement will be available in the DH2 app. The good news is: YES, the new supplement will be added to the DH2 app. The bad news? This won’t be done this week, because we need to finish the DH1 app first. This is not that bad though, but don’t expect a Enemies Without Release this or the next week.

Bugs and problems with the app

In the last week, we got two bug reports via the google play review system. If you have problems with the app, please write us an email (, because it is almost impossible to help you in the 350 characters we have to comment a review.

Thanks again for the App Milestone, and as always, if you have any questions or feedback, you can always write us an email 🙂

  • Daniel Parra

    As long as i can use this app with my phone ill be happy xd