Dark Heresy Digital Character Sheet 2nd Edition 1.4.8 released!

It’s done!

We’ve just released the new 1.4.8 update. This one has lots of new features and also includes the “Enemies Beyond” supplement.

We hope there isn’t an accidental app reset again, like there was unfortunately in the last major release. Our first priority is to keep your characters save, and we are trying everything to make this possible.

Changes in 1.4.8:
– added “Enemies Beyond” content
– added autosave function, characters are now saved in an extra file on disk
– added damage dice rolls, touch the damage number in the gear or combat tab to roll the dice
– added character sharing between devices
– added filters in psi database view
– changed inventory system
– changed „search“-buttons, they are now called „Database“
– bugfixes

Here is a short description of the new features:

“Enemies Beyond” Content

Like the with Enemies Without content before, we release this as an in-app purchase for 2 Euro or regional equivalent. By purchasing the supplement, you get all new homeworlds, backgrounds and roles for the character creator. You also get the database entries for talents, skills, gear and psychic powers.


In our quest to make your character files immortal, we added an autosave feature. Each character gets an automated autosave file, which is updated on every save call. You can disable this feature in the “Character Backup” tab if you really want to. We recommend to use this in case something goes wrong, or you want to restore your character. You can still (and should) do manual backups every once in a while and save the file somewhere on your computer or an usb stick.

Damage Dice Rolls

Simply touch the damage number in the upper right corner of a melee or ranged weapon in the gear or combat view to roll damage for this weapon. The calculation will also take in account your strength in case of a melee weapon. Damage rolls works for d10 damage rolls up to 9 dice.

Character Sharing

A feature that was requested quite often is now available, character sharing between multiple devices. To share a character, open the “Share Characters” popup (in the overview -> character selection view). Now touch the share button next to the character you want to share. You’ll get a share ID. On your other device, open the same window and scroll down to Add shared character. Enter the share id and press GO to start the share. Please note that the initial share only works when you are online. After you have shared the character, there will be an upload and a download button available. Upload means you upload the current state of the character to the server. Download means you download the last uploaded state from any device to this device. Don’t worry, there is a safety question so you cannot overwrite older data without notice.

Database instead of Search

We renamed the “Search” button in talents, skills, gear and psychic powers popups to Database. This should reflect what you can expect from the button, a brand new world of easily accessible data 😉

Filters in Psychic Powers Database

With eight different psychic trees, the list got a bit out of hand. We added a filter mechanism to give you more control about this database.

Inventory System overhaul

The inventory system got a slight makeover. The list is now two columns wide on tablets, not three. Additionally, you can now add your own inventories!

We hope you like the new update. There will be some bugfix updates coming the next weeks, as it is always the case 🙂

Have a nice day!