Content Update 1.1.0 „Data-Slate“ released!


What are the stats for the stub revolver again? Which Autogun did I just found on this dead brute? Where is the rulebook, I need to check the armour rating of an enforcer light carpace armour again.

These were questions common while playing Dark Heresy 2nd Edition and often broke the immersion completely. But the Emperor‘s light shines upon you and your personal data-slate. And now – all these questions are only a fainting memory of the old days…

Today we are happy to announce the release of the next free content update for „Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet“. The new features in this content update are:

  • Searchable database for talents
  • Searchable database for weapons
  • Searchable database for gear
  • Searchable database for armour
  • All databases include the core rulebook and the enemies within supplement items
  • Personal initiative tracker
  • improved inventory handling
  • and as always: bugfixes

— Details —

With the implementation of searchable databases, you are now able to click the search button located in the footer of each inventory add/edit screen. This will open another popup with all items of this category. Filter your results with the filter by textfield on top of the table and select an item by touching it and click the select button. The database popup will be closed and all stats of this item will be put in the corresponding fields.

Talents now work similar to this. We also added a searchable database here, but the talents database is even more incredible! While searching for a talent you like, you automatically see if you have learned the aptitudes for each talent and also see if you have the prerequisites needed for this talent. After selecting a talent, you now have the same options as in the skills section, meaning you are now able to automatically add the exp needed for the talent to your experience sheet.

Finally, we added a initiative tracker for you. At the beginning of a combat encounter, go to your combat tab, touch the initiative number to open the initiative popup and touch the Roll Initiative button in the popup‘s footer. The popup will close and you will see your initiative roll including a detailed description on how you end up with this initiative. We also included options for altering the initiative rolls if you have a talent that‘s changing the calculation.

— How to Install —

The new update will be automatically downloaded to your app if your device is connected to the internet (download size 9mb). You don‘t have to wait for the update to go live on the app stores. Once the download is complete, the app will restart and you should see the new additions immediately. If you want to be sure, check the version at the bottom of the overview tab, it should read version 1.1.0.

— What‘s next —

We‘ve already planned another content update called „Elite Psykers“ to be released in a few weeks. In that update, we will concentrate our efforts on elite advances and psychic powers. After that, we will collect feedback from you to find ideas and features for another content update, and work on the Dark Heresy First Edition version in the meantime.

We will also create a bunch of tutorial videos on how to use the app in the near future.

— Feedback —

If you are experiencing any problems with the new content update, found a bug, have an idea for a new feature or just want to talk about the app, just write us an email, comment and like us on facebook and follow @dievo on twitter :p And of course don‘t forget to check or company blog at for news, updates and stories about the ongoing development of the Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet App.

Have a nice day!



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