DHDCS 1.0.3 released

As promised, we increased output and even skipped a version*! The new 1.0.3 release is out now. To get the new version, just open your DHDCS app while connected to the internet and wait a few minutes (depending on your internet connection speed). The app reloads after applying the patch and if you read 1.0.3 in the footer of the overview tab, you are good to go.

The 1.0.3 store version will follow in a few days, but unless you need a clean install, there is no need to wait for it.

Have a nice day!

*we did not really skipped a version, but due to problems with the google play store, we had to increment our version number two times :-p

Here is the full changelog:

Changelog 1.0.3 – 10.06.2015

  • NEW: Added option to add character sheets to inquisitor warband
  • bugfix: fixed error with manual points allocation in character creator
  • NEW: aptitude new/edit autocomplete
  • bugfix: weight rounded to 2 digits
  • bugfix: fixed fatigue threshold calculation in overview tab
  • bugfix: added mechanicus implants trait to adeptus mechanicus background
  • bugfix: cut some weight from the imperial robe in character creation (5 to 4 kg)
  • change: changed characteristics increase/decrease button to 1 and 5
  • bugfix: allow added SB to melee weapon on weapons without extra damage (e.g. 1d10)
  • NEW: specialist skills in skill view
  • NEW: unknown specialist skills are always at a zero chance to succeed
  • bugfix: unknown normal skills are now -20, not half value
  • bugfix: manual allocation in character creation on a second character doubled the amount of points
  • bugfix: fixed display of news & welcome popup from link in footer
  • bugfix: display „character name“ in inquisitor add player form
  • NEW: added dice rolls for inquisitor (subtlety & influence)
  • bugfix: double quirks rolls in character creation now work correctly
  • bugfix: background mementos of adeptus astra telepathica are now displayed correctly
  • bugfix: fixed hatred talent for hierophants
  • bugfix: added „SB bonus on melee damage“ on weapons in overview tab
  • NEW: option for two-handed weapon in combat tab (in left hand select)
  • bugfix: equipment generated during character creation has „location: player“ now.
  • bugfix: typo in Malignancies fixed
  • bugfix: fixed error in character creation, preventing the second of two weapons (e.g. imperial guard) to be added to sheet
  • NEW: added fatigue threshold modifier
  • NEW: all ranged weapons from character creation are generated with two clips of standard ammunition
  • bugfix: SB bonus on melee damage whitespace fixed
  • bugfix: ranged weapons from character generation don’t have clipsize 0 anymore
  • bugfix: quirk in character tab now editable
  • bugfix: fixed beliefs selection for forgeworld characters
  • NEW: added aptitudes selects to skills edit
  • bugfix: fixed wrong aptitudes in skills

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