In App Purchase and supplements


the new “Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet 2nd Edition” content update has been released and includes the long awaited Enemies Without supplement.

This brings me to the subject of today’s blog post: we will begin to offer supplements at a price of 1.99€ (or your regional equivalent) via In-App Purchase (IAP). This means that the respective supplement will be unlocked by a one-off payment.

…but what exactly is offered with a supplement and which content will be published via free update? Let me try to explain it to you using the example of the DCSDH2-app and the Enemies Without-supplement:

New features such as tracking Unnatural Characteristics, an improved PDF-generator, a completely reworked navigation as well as bugfixes will, certainly, be implemented at no charge and will be published continuously over the course of this year, as well.

New content available with a supplement will be subject to a charge. In the case of Enemies Without this translates to two new home worlds, three new backgrounds and one new role for the Character Creation suite, as well as new equipment accompanying the new character classes and other equipment newly added in the supplement.

The apps will, in any case, remain fully compatible with all rule changes which may come into effect by a supplement, regardless of whether you actually purchase the supplement or not. The supplements simply facilitate the character creation and management, but will not contain new features.

We believe that this is a fair and reasonable compromise which allows us to keep developing apps for you and provides additional value and content for you.

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  • Daniel Parra

    even tough i dont like in app purchases, is understandable that you sell each supplement, because if not, its like making work for free. Yet, i dont feel good with the idea of buying every single supplement in the app, just watch at the large numbers of supplement that first edition has (which has all the supplement included by the way). I would be very happy paying for an update that could let you add your own planets, skill, weapons, talents, etc to the lets say “database” so you could then just choose in the app. Honestly i like the app but paying for every single supplement, well i dont think i would pay 1.99€ for every supplement i have of the first edition. Not today at least :P.

    • dievo

      Hi Daniel,
      for the first edition app, given the number of available supplements, we will have another option. Your idea to add items to the database yourself is very interesting, we will discuss this in the team.