Dark Heresy Digital Character Sheet 2nd Edition 1.4.8 released!

It’s done!

We’ve just released the new 1.4.8 update. This one has lots of new features and also includes the “Enemies Beyond” supplement.

We hope there isn’t an accidental app reset again, like there was unfortunately in the last major release. Our first priority is to keep your characters save, and we are trying everything to make this possible.

Changes in 1.4.8:
– added “Enemies Beyond” content
– added autosave function, characters are now saved in an extra file on disk
– added damage dice rolls, touch the damage number in the gear or combat tab to roll the dice
– added character sharing between devices
– added filters in psi database view
– changed inventory system
– changed „search“-buttons, they are now called „Database“
– bugfixes

Here is a short description of the new features:

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Rescuebot – Ludum Dare #35 Game

Every four months there is a special weekend. On this weekend all clocks are off and instead of regenerating your batteries, you work your butt off to create a game in just 48 hours! That event is called Ludum Dare, and it is a game programming competition. There is no prize to win, it’s just pure for the fun and for challenging yourself.


Play Rescuebot

You can play Rescuebot in your browser! Just go to http://dizelabs.com/ld35 and you’ll see the WebGL version. However, there is a small drawback. The WebGL version has a bug in the UI, the indicator graphics are distorted and the game itself does not run at a good framerate all the time.  If you want the Unity version for windows, click here to go to the project page on Ludum Dare and scroll down to the download links.

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Dark Heresy Digital Character Sheet 2nd Edition version 1.4.4 released

IMPORTANT: Please do a local backup of your characters before updating to the new version. There will be a new build up later today which fixes the import of backup characters.

We should really start to shorten our app title 🙂

Today, we have something very special! This minor update contains a brand new version of the framework we use to code the whole app. With this new version, we were able to increase the app’s performance quite a bit! Especially on older (<4.4) Android devices, the app should now run a lot smoother. This is kind of an experimental release, so if you have any problems with the new version, please report back to us immediately.

Changes in this 1.4.4:

  • upgraded app to new framework version
  • improved performance on all devices
  • improved auto updater (now much faster and more reliable)
  • fixed bugs in psychic powers search
  • fixed bugs in skill search

The patch will be available as always later today on the Google play store, and in a few days on the Apple App Store. If you are using the auto updater, you won’t get the performance boost, so please update your app from your app store as soon as it is available.

Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet 1.4.3 released

A new day, a new bugfix release!

New in this version:

  • fixed missing appearance content on Enemies Without homeworlds
  • fixed PDF generator bug on android devices
  • added number input fields for free and manual characteristics in the character creator
  • fixed imperial navy gear in character creator
  • changed sorting of talent/skill specializations (now alphabetically)
  • fixed a typo in the homeworlds character creator
  • fixed bug in aptitudes editor

The patch is available now via the auto updater, later today via the google play store for android devices and in a few days via the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads.

With the next patch, we will try to improve the performance, especially on Android devices.

Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet 1.4.2 released

The first bugfix update for the new Enemies Without update has been released. You can get it now if you’ve activated automatic updates (at the bottom of the overview tab), later today via Google play store and in a few days via the Apple App Store.

Changes in 1.4.2:

  • fixed android landscape mode
  • fixed research station not available in Enemies Without homeworlds
  • fixed empty search results in inventory
  • added specific “Enemies Without” homeworlds
  • added more options to lore skills

Thanks to everyone that found these bugs 🙂

Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet 2nd Edition – Update released!

With a slight delay of five months, we finally managed to release the new “Enemies Without” Update for the 2nd Edition of our Dark Heresy Digital Character Sheet App!

New in this update:

  • added Enemies Without Supplement Content (Homeworlds, Backgrounds, Roles, Gear and more)
  • added unnatural characteristics options
  • added auto updater activation switch and deactivated automatic updates
  • changed ammunition feature and added standard ammunition
  • bugfixes

Enemies Without Supplement

The Enemies Without Supplement Content will be available as an in app purchase (IAP) for 2 Euro or your regional equivalent. Please read our blogpost on the IAP decision here: http://blog.dizelabs.com/2016/03/22/in-app-purchase-and-supplements/. Any feedback on this topic is as always appreciated 🙂

Auto Updater

After receiving some feedback from users reporting of high traffic usage of the app, we decided to deactivate the auto updater feature. In previous versions, whenever we pushed a hotfix or update to the server, the app would download the update and apply it automatically. With the 1.4 version, we changed this behaviour. The app won’t download updates automatically anymore, but you can enable the feature by checking the “activate auto update” checkbox at the bottom of the overview tab. Updates you get from the app store are still working like they used to.

Future release plans

The Enemies Beyond Update is already in a widely advanced state and will be finished in a few weeks. After that, we will return to the 1st Edition app and the supplements for that before hopefully adding new digital character sheet apps for more roleplay systems.

In App Purchase and supplements


the new “Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet 2nd Edition” content update has been released and includes the long awaited Enemies Without supplement.

This brings me to the subject of today’s blog post: we will begin to offer supplements at a price of 1.99€ (or your regional equivalent) via In-App Purchase (IAP). This means that the respective supplement will be unlocked by a one-off payment.

…but what exactly is offered with a supplement and which content will be published via free update? Let me try to explain it to you using the example of the DCSDH2-app and the Enemies Without-supplement:

New features such as tracking Unnatural Characteristics, an improved PDF-generator, a completely reworked navigation as well as bugfixes will, certainly, be implemented at no charge and will be published continuously over the course of this year, as well.

New content available with a supplement will be subject to a charge. In the case of Enemies Without this translates to two new home worlds, three new backgrounds and one new role for the Character Creation suite, as well as new equipment accompanying the new character classes and other equipment newly added in the supplement.

The apps will, in any case, remain fully compatible with all rule changes which may come into effect by a supplement, regardless of whether you actually purchase the supplement or not. The supplements simply facilitate the character creation and management, but will not contain new features.

We believe that this is a fair and reasonable compromise which allows us to keep developing apps for you and provides additional value and content for you.

Deactive automatic updates

Our digital character sheets use a method to push server code to your apps, known as “hot code push”. This way, we can hotfix problems and fix bugs without having to upload new versions to the app stores.

However, if you use your device in a mobile environment, updates may not be downloaded correctly, which triggers a redownload of the update until it has been successfully downloaded. This is not an acceptable behavior of the app, as many of you don’t have unlimited mobile data usage.

With the next versions of the apps, we are going to disable the hot code push feature by default. You will be able to reenable auto updates in the app itself (the same way you can toggle the device’s sleep mode).

And here we go!

appiconToday, we have launched the new Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet App for the 1st Edition of “Warhammer 40.000: Dark Heresy”, a roleplay game by Fantasy Flight Games. The app is available for Apple iPhone, iPad and Android Phones and Tablets. Just search for Dark Heresy on one of the Stores or follow the links in this post.

If you have any questions, suggestions or issues with our apps, you can always contact us by mail at support@dizelabs.com.

Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/dark-heresy-digital-character/id1077304646

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dizelabs.dcsdh